Foundation Towards Dialogue (previously known as Dialogue-Pheniben Foundation)


Our mission

The otherness should not be view as a threat or strangeness. On the contrary – it colors our reality and it is real value, for example: in business or education.  That why respect, understanding, empathy and sensibility for other people is so important. Hasty and superficial often harmful judgements are the cause of stigmatizations and exclusions of many communities, including Roma. We help people get to know each other, understand each other, learn from others, take care to react for exclusions and any form of violence against disadvantage people or groups. We provide practical tools and tips on how to use these knowledge in your environment and initiate actions  that stigmatized groups or situations will show from a stereotyped perception and thus trigger a slightly different perception. In short: we believe in initiating change through education!


We set ourselves a few goals, which we actively pursue both within our Foundation and individually. We work to:

  • influence positive changes in education and society
  • provide reliable expertise on Roma and other groups at risk of exclusion and on cultural and social diversity and present it in an understandable and accessible manner
  • popularize and create educational programs for various age and professional groups, concerning knowledge about minorities, with particular emphasis on the Roma, e.g:
  • Roma Holocaust
  • contemporary threats, related to intolerance, hate speech, discrimination and ways to counteracting them
  • exclusions
  • intercultural dialogue
  • ways of supporting of minority representatives
  • assist marginalized and vulnerable groups at risk of exclusion, with a special focus on the Roma in critical and crisis situation

Foundation’s statute is available below (in Polish):

Statut FwSD