We support Konrad Ciesiolkiewicz’s candidacy for Children’s Rights Ombudsman

The current Ombudsman for Children’s Rights mandate ends in the middle of December. Social organizations, being aware of the importance of this function in the state, have decided to support Konrad Ciesiolkiewicz’s candidacy for the position. Among the 23 organizations, that Ciesiolkiewicz believes should become Children’s Rights Ombudsman, is the Foundation Towards Dialogue.

The Children’s Ombudsman protects the right for life and health protection, the right to be raised in a family, the right to adequate social conditions and the right for education. After years of neglect and sleaze, children deserve an Ombudsman who will actively work on their behalf. An Ombudsman who recognizes the needs of all children, including those from the Roma community that has lived in Poland for years, as well as those forced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine to seek a home outside their homeland. Such an Ombudsman for Children will certainly be Konrad Ciesiolkiewicz.

Justification of the organization’s and people’s support for this candidate:

Konrad Ciesiolkiewicz (46 y.o.), a doctor of social sciences, psychologist, political scientist, manager, former scout instructor, social activist, president of the Orange Foundation, chairman of the Social Dialogue Committee in the Polish Chamber of Commerce; a person with institutional experience as a government spokesman in 2005-2006, a creator and organizer of many campaigns and initiatives dedicated to support children, young people in social, educational, civilizational and technological challenges, a laureate of Janusz Korczak Award for supporting rights of children and young people.

“The Office of Children’s Ombudsman should serve children and young people again. The person occupying this position must ensure the highest standards of protecting children from violence. Poland should return to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and the ombudsman himself to become actively involved in creating laws that affect children. First of all, the ombudsman must act to effectively prevent child abuse. He must also ensure that the school environment will be a safe place for children and young people to thrive. The ombudsman’s priority should also be to ensure schools and institutions that work with children to respect and understand the diversity that is part of our world”, says Mr. Ciesołkiwewicz about his vision for the office.

Konrad Ciesiolkiewicz is a man of dialogue, understanding and common solutions’ search. Relating to to children’s rights, he is distinguished by a comprehensive approach that takes into account various contemporary social challenges related to demographics and changes in the model of family functioning, education, health (including mental health), digitization and new technologies, the labor market. This guarantees a broad and inclusive approach to the issue of children’s rights in many contexts, which is necessary in the position of the Children’s Ombudsman for the new term. Its main challenge is to rebuild the stature, seriousness and importance of the Office of Children’s Ombudsman.

Konrad Ciesiolkiewicz has comprehensive education and background required for the position of Children’s Rights Ombudsman. He has extensive organizational experience in managing and implementing nationwide social projects in the areas of education, social dialogue, rights of children and young people. As the Chairman of the Orange Foundation, the Chairman of the Social Dialogue Committee of National Chamber of Commerce, the head of the Dorastaj z Nami Foundation Council, or when cooperating with the Paweł Adamowicz Civic Study he undertakes various activities and implements educational programs on mental health of children and young people and the trainings of future competencies, as well as on the subjectivity and rights of children and counteracting exclusions in the socio-digital and information environment. It also carries out activities in the area of counteracting radicalization leading to violence among children and young people.

He is the initiator of the Charter on Children’s Rights in Institutions, Businesses and Organizations, encouraging private and public sectors to act in favor of protecting children’s rights throughout the value chain of companies and institutions. This document is preapred in cooperation with the Responsible Business Forum, companies and social organizations. He cooperates with many organizations and foundations involved in supporting children and young people, including the Give Children Strength Foundation. He has spoken out against the lex Czarnek bill, against the introduction of “History and the Present” subject to schools, and the law on the resocialization of minors.

Konrad Ciesiolkiewicz’s candidacy for the office of Children’s Ombudsman is supported by:


Free Courts (Wolne sądy)

Center for Civic Education (Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej)

Democracy Action (Akcja Demokracja)

Protest with an exclamation point (Protest z Wykrzyknikiem)

Foundation Toward Dialogue (Fundacja W Stronę Dialogu)

Space for Education Foundation (Fundacja “Przestrzeń dla edukacji”)

Grow Space Foundation (Fundacja Grow Space)

Clubs of the “Tygodnik Powszechny” weekly (Kluby “Tygodnika Powszechnego”)

Jerzy Turowicz Foundation (Fundacja Jerzego Turowicza)

The Więź Society (Towarzystwo Więź)

Dopamine Lab Foundation (Fundacja Dopamina Lab)


Institute for Digital Citizenship (Instytut Cyfrowego Obywatelstwa)

International Civil Society Institute (Międzynarodowy Instytut Społeczeństwa Obywatelskiego)

Varia Posnania Foundation (Fundacja Varia Posnania)

Hybrid School Foundation (Fundacja Hybrydowa Szkoła)

Tarnów Project Association – education area (Stowarzyszenie Projekt Tarnów – obszar edukacja)

Bonae Fidei Foundation – youth area (Fundacja Bonae Fidei – obszar młodzież)

Energy for Europe Foundation Paweł Adamowicz Civic College (Fundacja Energia dla Europy Studium Obywatelskie im. Pawła Adamowicza)

Korczak University (Uczelnia Korczaka)

Polish Society for Social Policy (Polskie Towarzystwo Polityki Społecznej)

Panoptykon Foundation (Fundacja Panoptykon)

UNAWEZA Foundation

Chatter Senate Initiative (Inicjatywa Gadka Senacka)


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Damian Jaworek – Warsaw’s Ombudsman

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Marta Szymczyk, Unconventional educator honored in Teacher of the Year 2023 competition

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Przemysław Staroń, Teacher of the Year 2018, School of heroines and heroes

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