Together we can do more – partnership with Polish Red Cross (PCK)

Mentoring support, art therapy workshops and vocational support – these are just a couple examples among activities which the Foundation Towards Dialogue carried out in cooperation with the Polish Red Cross (PCK). So what did we do together in the last 4 months? It’s time to check!

Since the day it was founded, the Foundation Towards Dialogue has consistently pursued its goal of creating Poland in which the Roma community is treated equally with others. The speed of realization of this vision depends, among other things, on the involvement of partner organizations. That’s why the support provided by the Polish Red Cross (PCK) to the Foundation is so important.

For the last four months (October 2023 – January 2024), the Foundation implemented such activities funded by the PCK:

  • Mentoring and psychological support: Individuals from the Roma community were able to receive mentoring support aimed to plan individual development paths. Anyone who needed mental health consultation was able to benefit from psychological support provided by the Foundation
  • Art therapy workshops: In cooperation with the PCK, the Foundation’s team conducted a series of art therapy workshops aimed at children from the Roma community. The workshops were held at the Roma Community Center in Warsaw and aimed, among other things, to strengthen the sense of self-reliance and improve the psychological well-being of the youngest Roma women and men.
  • Vocational support: In order to increase the chances of refugees of the Roma community on labor market, the Foundation implemented a career counseling program. The support included, among other things, workshops on resume writing.
  • Workshops on Roma culture: The Foundation also launched a series of activities to promote and familiarize Roma culture among the majority population. The list of events included a multicultural caroling event called “Stars Come in the Night”.

Activities implemented with support of the Polish Red Cross will also be carried out in February 2024.

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