Stars come at night

Roma community has many faces – it is made up of different groups and their customs are sometimes different. Also those concerning holidays. On January the 6th at the Community Center in Warsaw we will celebrate this diversity in a multicultural group. We will introduce Roma traditions and build an intercultural bridge. Join us in a common caroling – attend the “Stars come at night” meeting!

On Saturday, January the 6the, the Roma Community Center will be filled with bustle and laughter. Everything is thanks to the intercultural meeting “Stars come at night”. We’ll start at 1:00 pm with Roma refreshments, then we’ll learn carols in Roma, Ukrainian and Polish languages and participate in art workshop where we’ll prepare caroling attributes.  At 4 PM we begin a singing procession through the neighboring streets. After caroling that will last one hour, we will return to the Center to enjoy a warming tea together.


1 PM – 4 PM

  • Refreshments: we will discover the favorite flavors of the Roma community (you are also encouraged to bring your own food/dishes)
  • Common singing: we will learn and sing three carols together: Roma, Ukrainian and Polish
  • Art workshops: we will create caroling attributes together

4 PM – 5 PM

  • Caroling procession in the neighborhood of the Roma Community Center

5 PM – 6 PM

  • A shared warming tea

When ad where?

January the 6th (Saturday), 1 PM – 6 PM, Roma Community Center at Skrzetuskiego street 36a  in Warsaw (Mokotów, near Wilanowska subway station).


You will be taken to a common multicultural journey by those who are a part of the Foundation Towards Dialogue team:

  • Luba Vaidalovych and Rajmund Siwak from the Roma community
  • Taras Gembik who comes from Ukraine
  • Anna Bulat and Julia Matsiuk, a friend of the Foundation – artists and handicraftswomen from Poland
  • Also Khedi Alieva from Wandering Women will join the meeting and prepare a snack

We want to create a space for sharing stories and experiences related to the holidays. And we want to do it with you!

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