ROMA SPRING – on the 28th of May (Sunday) from 12 to 6 PM at the Ukrainian House in Przemyśl

This event is inclusive, disenchanting stereotypes, familiarizing community with Roma culture. The project is realized by UNHCR funds in cooperation with the Union of Ukrainians in Poland.

The program includes:

  • A discussion and educational workshop on Roma culture traditions and experiences in Poland
  • Snacks and intercultural networking
  • Screening the film “Come and see how turn the back wheels of the wagon”

Co-producers: National Cultural Center, Roma Association in Poland, Piotr Wójcik, Dialog-Pheniben

The main character of the film is Edward Dębicki who recalls the distant years of the war, viewed with the eyes of a child, and his childhood of tabor life. He recalls his aunt, the poet Bronislawa Wajs Papusha. A touching story about what is most important in Edward Debicki’s life, what does he love the most and what is music for him. The documentary is enriched with old photos, excerpts from the tabor life of his unique artistic family, with music. In 2023 will be 67 years of his creative and artistic career. The TERNO Gypsy Music Theater, founded and headed by him, is also celebrating 67 years of artistic wandering on stages around the world.”

Flamenco dance workshops and concert of the Romanca band

We will be taken to a musical voyage by an international Roma band, featuring the innovative sound of traditional Roma music from different parts of the world! All those who come to the “Musical Journey – Gipsy Kings” will get a unique chance to interact with the phenomenal music of the Spanish Gitanos. We will learn to sing, play instruments specific to flamenco music (including castanets, cajon, bongos), learn rhythm pounding techniques (palmas, zapateado) and exchange inspirations and experiences.

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