“Rom/ka: tu i teraz” contest is settled

The “Rom/ka: tu i teraz” (Roma: here and now) contest organized by the Foundation Towards Dialogue in November, has been settled. More than 60 artworks were submitted in the competition. First place was won by Julia Respondek, second award went to Natalia Bugaj, and honorable mentions were given to Katarzyna Zelewska and Adam Skrzypek. This high interest in the contest demonstrates that the topic of the Roma community is not indifferent.

The jury of graphics competition “Rom/ka: tu i teraz” (Roma: here and now), consisting of Joanna Talewicz, Mateusz Machalski and Mih Michalski positively evaluated the great commitment of all authors. About 60 posters were in the competition! This proves that the topic of Roma community is not indifferent and deserves lot of attention. Unfortunately, not everyone managed to avoid the trap of stereotyping – and this confirms that such types of projects make sense and that “there is something to talk about (Roma)” and sometimes it’s even necessary to shout loudly it. 

A lively discussion on the diversity in approach and creativity of male and female artists led to a joint, unanimous verdict. The winning works unintentionally folded into a kind of diptych. The two first-place winners represented streamlined, even minimalist design, which is striking in its clarity and evokes strong associations. The artworks that received ex aequo honorable mention, however, are a conversation between tradition and modernity, confronting the dominant association about Roma.

Contest results

  • First place: the main prize goes to Julia Respondek, whose work captured with the simplicity of transforming traditional colors and symbols from the Roma flag and the clarity of visual codes representing dignity, prosperity and vitality.
  • Second place awarded to Natalia Bugaj for capturing nostalgia, sadness and the need to redefine the image of the Roma community. The artwork perfectly balances tradition and individuality, emphasizing the need to follow one’s own path.
  • Third place: ex aequo honorable mentions to Katarzyna Zelewska for her illustrative representation of the diversity of the Roma community, confronting the prevailing stereotypes, and Adam Skrzypek, who is awarded an honorable mention for combining patchwork iconography from Roma culture with modern bitmap elements, symbolizing the construction of contemporary Roma culture “in process.”

First place: Julia Respondek

Second place: Natalia Bugaj

Special distinction: Katarzyna Zelewska

Special distinction: Adam Skrzypek

Congratulations to all awardees!

The competition was organized with the financial support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation (Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung)

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