A series of workshops about plants’ and humans’ wanderings

“For me, the sky was green” is a series of workshops, where we will share our knowledge and experience about plants. We will learn plants’ stories, learn to recognize them, learn how they survive. During common walks and conversations we will share herbal practices and recipes. We will also learn how to take care of plants and how plants can help us take care over each other. Together we will cook broth, prepare preserves, herbal mixtures, syrups and even soaps and creams. Everything will happen under the caring eye of Pamela Bożek and in the Roma Community Center.

Who can participate workshops?

Meetings within the series “For me, the sky was green” are addressed to adults. To participate in it, you need your body and mind only – you don’t need to know anything about plants, because the meetings are designed in a way to get to know them better.  For those who do not speak Polish we provide translation. People with children can rely on our support in taking care of kids during workshops.

When and where will workshops be held?

  • Workshops will be held at the Roma Community Center (Skrzetuskiego str. 36a in Warsaw).
  • Workshops’ group will meet on selected Wednesdays (18th and 25th of October; 15th and 29th of November; 4th and 13th of December) between 4 PM and 7 PM.
  • On the 29th of October (Sunday) there will be a walk through the Kampinos Forest.

Workshops’ program

  • 18.10 – Mary Lennox steps into a secret garden. Together we explore a particular garden, collect herbs and prepare infusions.
  • 25.10 – When was the first garden closed? No fruit is forbidden! Together we make preserves from wild apples. A walk along the streets of Hidden Paradise and Wild Apples.
  • 29.10 – I don’t know anything about plants! It’s time to introduce ourselves! Together we go to plants in Kampinos Forest.
  • 15.11 – Help, plants? There is nothing to be afraid of. How plants save themselves, people and the world. Together we make vinegar.
  • 29.11 – Herbastory or when fruits were flowers – the past of roses, hawthorn and bellows. We make syrups together.
  • 04.12 – Where are your roots? Together we dig up and process the underground parts of plants.
  • 13.12 – What bites Gilbert Grape? People, plants and parasites. Together we make soap.

Who will run workshops?

Workshops will be hosted by Pamela Bożek – an artist, activist, studying to become a herbalist. Pamela is involved in caring and community activities. Since 2018, she has been interacting with people with migrant and refugee experience in Poland, working with cultural institutions and organizations, supporting and creating alliance and solidarity strategies. She is a PhD student and graduate of the Department of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. She focused in her doctoral dissertation “From Polish land to Poland” on artistic strategies in the spirit of care. She lives in Warsaw and in the countryside, cultivates garden and is Ignacy’s mother.

How to register for workshops?

Workshops’ participation is free of charge. The prerequisite for taking part in it is filling out the registration form. Please note! Each workshop requires separate registration.

Link to the registration form (in Polish, Ukrainian, English) is here.


If you have any questions, please contact the Foundation Towards Dialogue: anian@fundacjawstronedialogu.pl

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