From June 1 2014 to November 30 2016, the Dialogue–Pheniben Foundation was carrying out the project titled “Glances– a socio–cultural biannual”, co–financed from the Civic Initiatives Fund Program. Realisation of that task envisaged the publication of the “Dialogue–Pheniben” biannual magazine in an electronic version (online). This magazine promotes issues related to the topic of the Roma minority and other minorities in Poland and Europe (including issues like: tradition, culture, history, current situation, protection of human rights, but also culture and art), multiculturalism, intercultural dialogue, maintaining the national and ethnic identity, combating discrimination, racism, xenophobia and other prejudices. The publication of each issue of the biannual was accompanied by a promotional meeting during which we held a debate on the themes mentioned in the magazine. These meetings were organized throughout Poland in cooperation with cultural and educational institutions or non–governmental organizations. As a part of the project we organised our first meeting in Zabrze on November 20 2014.

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Biannual Dialogue-Pheniben (Polish version)