A partnership project carried out by the INTERKULTURALNI PL Association and the Dialogue-Pheniben Foundation since September 2014, financed from EEA funds. The project aims to prevent the use of hate speech by politicians and journalists against the 3 social groups which are most vulnerable to be discriminated by public figures. Selection of these groups will be based on a diagnosis of media coverage from the last two years. Preventive measures will be provided in the form of anti-discrimination education for journalists and political support implemented as a part of the workshop. In addition, a group of a trained volunteers will take part in ongoing control and monitoring activities regarding statements of politicians in media and also they will analise press and electronic media activities. The project will be accompanied by an educational and awareness campaign. These activities will have nationwide character and will be implemented during the parliamentary and presidential elections. We will create publications for journalists and politicians to help them avoid hate speech at work and in public activities. Another important part of the project will be organizing a discussion panel aimed at preventing hate speech at the local community level.